Alpha LLC owns a modern, high-tech dry-cargo fleet of RSD59 projects.

The main advantages of vessels of the RSD59 project are:

  • Draft 4.71 m at 7698 deadweight tonnage;
  • long hold No. 2, length = 77.35 m, allows transporting oversized cargo, which is relevant for the market of the Caspian Sea region;
  • hold height of 9000 mm allows to transport containers up to 9.6 feet high – “high cube containers” (3 such containers in height);
  • removable hatch covers are installed, operated by the own ship’s overhead crane;
  • ship ice-class Ice2 allows navigation in shallow thin ice of non-Arctic seas and continuous ice in the strait with an icebreaker with ice thickness up to 0.55 m;
  • the bow thruster provides good manoeuvring during mooring / unmooring and ship-to-ship operations in the roadstead.

Vessels of the RSD 59 project are self-propelled dry-cargo vessels designed for sea and mixed (river-sea) transportation of goods between light-shallow ports and the inland river system of Russia.

  • Containerboard / sawn timber;
  • round timber, steel scrap;
  • metal products in packs and rolls;
  • oversized, long, bulky and heavyweight project cargo from the Mediterranean, Black Seas to the Caspian direction;
  • coal coke;
  • bulk pig iron and iron ore;
  • steel tubes;
  • dangerous goods of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 under the IMO Rules following the IMDG Code;
  • cargo of category “B” from MK MPNG.