The company’s priority in the sale of petroleum products is efficient logistics and maximum load by its transport infrastructure to reduce transport costs and optimize transport schemes.

The company’s vehicle fleet consists of:

– 7 road trains of DAF;

– 2 road trains Mercedes-Benz.

The benefit of road transport for the supply of fuels and lubricants is the ability to quickly deliver at any distance at a convenient time for the recipient. In many cases, a tank truck is the only possible way to supply petroleum products to factories, construction sites or industrial bases. From an economic point of view, road transportation will be beneficial in the following cases:

  • remote location of the recipient object from the railway or water mains, lack of technological pipelines of oil depots;
  • short route – within 500 km between the supplier and the recipient;
  • different compositions of a batch of petroleum products, where delivery of each material effects in a relatively small volume.

Company proceed all necessaries admissions and open logistical itineraries for gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel transportation.