We are working with:

Automobile gasoline of all most popular brands (AI-80, AI-92, AI-95, AI-98). We also present improved Fuel types with the help of various additives (Premium, Super, etc.). Wholesale supplies of solvent gasoline and stable gas gasoline are also possible.

Diesel fuel of various brands. We are working as well with a EURO-diesel engine with different ranges of permissible operating temperature (winter, summer, arctic, off-season). Wholesale supplies of specific types of diesel fuel are also possible – aviation fuel and straight-run fuel oil.

Fuel oil is a residual fuel form obtained from oil after the disengagement of kerosene, gasoline and other lighter fractions. It found a general application as an energy source due to its calorie content. Wholesale deliveries of the furnace, naval, straight-run fuel oil are possible.

Delivery is carried out conveniently for the client: by road, rail, and water transport.

All supplied petroleum products are of standard quality, all necessary accompanying documents and fully meet the declared characteristics. It makes the wholesale purchase of raw materials simple, safe and predictable.